DESTIHL®  Brewery

Strawberry Blonde Ale

american-style blonde ale with whole strawberries added

ABV: 5.2%    IBU: 15    Color SRM: 4    First Brewed: 04-15-2008 

This irresistible, fruited blonde ale has copious amounts of strawberries added to provide flavors and aromas of fresh strawberries and strawberry jam in harmony with a beer that is crisp and dry, golden-strawberry blonde in color, light bodied and balanced by low hop character & bitterness, light malt and fruit sweetness.

World Beer Championships Award: Bronze Medal 2012. 

Great American Beer Festival®: Bronze Medal, Fruit Beer Category, 2012

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Please Note:
Strawberry Blonde Ale is a fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer that contains a lot of unfermented strawberries that were added after fermentation of the beer (which is why it is a GABF medal winner!).  As such, we have asked for the help of our distribution partners and retailers to convey that these particular cans require COLD STORAGE AT ALL TIMES.  

The active yeast in the beer combined with the residual sugars from the whole strawberries we use in the brewing process have the potential to cause the beer to to go through a secondary fermentation process if the cans are left to sit at room temperature on store shelves, in your kitchen or car, which may cause over carbonation resulting in the vigorous popping of the can.