DESTIHL®  Brewery

Beers We Brew

At DESTIHL®, we brew in small batches so that we can rotate as many beers as possible.  We brew more beers because we have a passion for brewing.

We utilize both global brewing traditions and new American craft brewing ingenuity & artisanship to make the best craft beers, including long-term aging of both bourbon barrel beers and our award-winning, spontaneous/wild-fermented sour beers in our Saint Dekkera® Reserve Sour Ale series

Check out our growing  family of craft beers below. 

Year Round 
These beers are brewed year round at our production brewery. Find your favorites and find them often... 



Brewed when the seasons just right.  We release a couple of these styles each Spring, with one or two more over the Summer , and  finally finish up the year with additional releases in Fall and Winter.



Special Release 
These beers represent our 'Brewer's whim' category. Generally brewer in smaller batches or in some cases only once a year. These unique process beers are only available for a limited time.




Wood Aged
These limited release award-winning beers are aged in our barrel cellar (a mix of former California wine barrels and also bourbon barrels), plus three oak foudres (each received directly from France).  These beers are designed to drink now or sit in your cellar for years to come.  Cherish these beers with all your heart. 



Wild Sour Series
These beers are not barrel-aged, but they are still soured with our same spontaneous, wild creatures derived from our Reserve Sour barrels.